Three Part Breathing

Inhale a third or less of one regular breath into your belly and lower ribs. Next breathe into your middle ribs with another third or less of a full in-breath. Finish the inhale by filling your upper chest in the same manner. Allow the exhale to happen in whatever way is comfortable. Just make sure the exhale is equal to or longer than the inhale. Help all areas to expand and contract in the front, sides, and back.

In the beginning, less is better. Stay with partial breaths that are easy. If it becomes uncomfortable, go back to your regular breathing or breathe in a smaller amount of air into each of the sections. As this exercise becomes more comfortable, start increasing the fullness of each area and add repetitions. Always keep it comfortable.

If you consistently practice these simple breath improvement exercises, full relaxed inhales and exhales will become your normal way of breathing. Your breath will naturally become deeper, more relaxed, and quiet.

Do the exercises for three to ten full breaths each time. A full breath is one inhale and one exhale. These exercises can be done anytime while sitting, lying down, or walking. The trick is to breathe gently. The breath cannot be forced, but you can influence the breath to some degree. It needs to be easy and soft. This is a balancing act. If you push too hard, it will cause stress. If it is too soft, you will not grow a full breath. If possible, breathe through your nose. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercises.

If thoughts take you away from your focus on the breath, just let go and move your attention back to the breath. If whatever pulled you away is strong, let your attention stay on it until it lessens, and then return your focus back to your breathing.

All of us can learn to breathe deeper, smoother, and quieter. Breath improvement exercises are simple, quick, and can fit into everyone’s life. They can be done while shopping, walking from place to place, or just before you go to bed. It is easier than you think to find a minute here and there throughout the day, without taking time away from your normal schedule. Try to make them part of your everyday life. The relaxing benefits will amaze you.