How I learned to live healthy

In the year 2004, I was obese, out of shape, and stressed. I knew that if I kept on this way, I was going to have a heart attack or other serious illness. I felt absolutely terrible, and it was an effort to live a normal life.

My first attempt to get better was with hard exercise. I had been a couch potato for a number of years, and this did not work out so well. If I had kept pushing in this way, I knew it was going to cause more problems and not provide the improvements I was looking for.

I then changed course, and I tried to do just a little bit that was good for me every day. I started to gradually change how I ate, and I started walking and working out at home. If anything cased pain or stress, I would go more slowly the next day.

The other part of my program was to improve my breathing. I had known for years that my breathing was not right, but I could never fix it. I breathed as if I was stress twenty four hours a day. To improve my breathing, I had to keep my focus on my breath or I would go right back to the stressful breathing. Overtime, my breathing started to improve and this focus work produced an unexpected side effect. I started to relax and become happier.

To stay focused on my breath, I had to develop awareness of when I lost my focus. As soon as I saw that I had lost my focus, I would let go of what took me away and come back to my breath. This awareness helped me see what my mind was up to, and how I could let go of my thoughts and return to the breath. Focus and awareness has also helped with my depression and worry. As each year passes, the stress continues to be less and less of an issue.

With the success I have had, I knew I wanted to share what I found with others. The Relaxation Exercises section of the website includes eleven different exercises. Most of you will think they are so simple they will be of no use. They are extremely simple, but they made a life changing impact in my life. I have no way of predicting whether they will be as helpful to you as they were to me. The only way to find out is to give them a try. They won’t be helpful by just reading them; they have to be practiced. The good thing is that they can be done in your spare time in one to two minute intervals. Who knows they might help you as they have helped me, and they are freely available on this website.