Healthy Living Tips

Find or develop a healthy living program that is comfortable and one that you can modify as your body changes. There is no one right program that will fit everyone. If you have not exercised in a while, walking is a good first start. When you are driving here and there with errands, park your car a little farther out each time. At work, spend one of your breaks going for a short walk or add an after dinner walk each day. Take one flight of stairs slowly instead of riding the elevator. Start off gradually, do it every day, and build slowly.

When you go grocery shopping, start reading labels of foods similar to those you normally buy. Give the healthier products a try. They may taste as good as, or even better than, your old favorites. Reading labels puts you in control of your food choices. You will find yourself feeling good about what you are eating and, eventually, you will be eating less prepackaged foods and more whole foods. Remember slow and gradual changes give your mind and body time to adjust, making them easier. When the changes feel good, you are more likely to keep them.
Eliminate two foods from your house that have little or no nutritional value. Drink more water throughout the day. Buy more fruits and vegetables, and eat these as your daily snacks. Keep in mind, less is better. Do not go overboard making too many changes at once, or you will find it hard to continue.

Gradually add more healthy changes. Keep it simple, easy, and comfortable. The trick is to keep it comfortable and enjoyable, so that you can develop a program you can do each and every day. If you enjoy the experience and are receiving benefits, keep doing them. If they are not helping, let them go. Frequently add more to your program. Make small changes each month so that the program stays fresh, changes as you change, and is enjoyable and doable. There is no right or wrong way. Do some every day and before you know it you will have better health, more energy, less stress, and more happiness.

If a particular change is too hard, let it go for a while and try another option. Listen to your body, and tailor a plan that works for you. When you become stronger, go back and try them again. Changes that were once difficult will be considerably easier.

If you can develop a program that you enjoy and gets results, you’ll be more willing to make it part of your life. Healthy living can be fun and must be pleasurable to continue for a lifetime. Above all, enjoy what you are doing.