Diet and Exercise Plan

Over time, many of us become overweight and out of shape. The years go by and the pounds just keep adding on. Somewhere along the way we may decide to improve our health. We could start by reducing our calories, going on a low carb diet, or picking one of the many other diet programs that are available today. We might also add a workout through jogging, going to the gym, or exercising at home.
Many of us will exercise hard and find a diet that provides quick results. We will become leaner and fit and the pounds will come off. It may be hard and difficult, but we will find a way to do it. After a few months or maybe even a year, the effort required will become too much and we will find other ways to feel better. We might start eating a little more here and there or find reasons not to exercise as much. After a few months, the weight may start coming back. Unfortunately, some of us will gain back more weight than we lost. This is a common story for those of us who try to improve our health quickly. It is so hard that the results, however good, are just not worth the effort.

When I first started improving my health, I was not aware that I was pushing hard. I just thought that it was the way to go, and boy was I wrong. I soon realized that I had to find a different program, or it was going to kill me. My new approach had to be comfortable, and one that I could enjoy doing for the long term. My new method was to slow down, relax, and learn to be aware of how I was feeling. If I found myself stressed, in pain, or tired, I made it easier. I also learned to relax through breathing and focus exercises. I took the approach that improving my health was a marathon and not a sprint.

If you are working a program now and it is stressful and hard, try finding a way to make it easier. Develop awareness and understanding on what is causing the stress and difficulties. Continue to make improvements every day while modifying your routine so that it is comfortable. You will find that over time you will become stronger and stronger, and the exercises and healthy habits you found hard in the past are now easy and comfortable.

If you are starting out, find a healthy living program that is easy to do and can be modified as your body changes. There is no one program that will fit everyone. If you have not exercised in a while, start with less than what you think you need to do, and as you become comfortable increase your activity slowly. If you are trying to lose weight, make the changes slowly without putting undue stress on yourself. Simple changes do make a difference, and you will feel comfortable while becoming healthy.
Ask yourself simple questions throughout the day. Do I feel good, or is my body full of aches and pains? Am I tired or alert? Am I struggling with hunger? Am I gaining or losing weight? If there are problems, ask yourself what happened differently today, yesterday, or earlier in the week. Was my workout too hard? Did I have problems sleeping? Did I eat something different? Did I drink adequate water? Was it an extremely stressful day or week?

Simple awareness can help you understand how you are doing. If you are uncomfortable, stressed, or hurting, maybe it would be better to slightly change what you are doing. If you can make it easier, you are likely to stay with it longer.