Diet plan to lose weight - day 14

Began diet weighing in at 303 pounds

Today’s weight 293

Total weight loss to date - 10 pounds

It is looking like the holidays are not going to be as easy as I was hoping. We are having Thanksgiving at our house and we bought most of what we needed. This included chocolates, cookies, and all kinds of tasty treats.

Something that was helpful last time was keeping the fattening and unhealthy foods out of the house. This is hard to do in the holiday season. I find that if yummy foods are in the house my self-control is about zero. If it is not in the house and I have to go buy it, chances are I will just let it go. I have also been working on trying to wait a minute or two before eating the treats. If I can see the desire and tell myself I do not need it, sometimes I can let it go. The same desire usually comes back, but each time you resist, the feelings will become lighter.

I have gained another pound, but I am still ten-pounds down after starting my diet two weeks ago. Now I just have to get through Thanksgiving with as little weight gain as possible and back to my program. Who knows, maybe I can lose a couple of pounds next week.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who in 2004 lost over 90 pounds. I kept the weight off for five years and then the weight started coming back a few pounds each year. This time I am trying to lose 100 pounds, and share what I learned from my first diet as well as what I am learning now. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

My Stats – week 2

Day 8 – 295 pounds

Day 9 – 293 pounds

Day 10 – 292 pounds

Day 11 – 294 pounds

Day 12 – 292 pounds

Day 13, - 293 pounds

Day 14, - 293 pounds

Week two total weight loss – 2 pounds

Diet plan to lose weight - day 11 and 12 - lost 0 pounds – total weight loss 11 pounds


On day 11, November 16, I weighed in at 294, gaining 2 pounds and today, I weighed in at 292, losing back the 2 pounds. When we did our grocery shopping earlier in the week, we were super hungry and splurged. Going shopping while starving is not a good idea, and unfortunately, we made many bad choices. Luckily, we purchased a good selection of fruits and veggies.

In the last four days, I have gone up and down in weight. I had lost 1 pound on Wednesday. By Thursday I had gained 2 pounds, and now today I’ve lost the two pounds I had gained. I am still down one pound over the last four days. Considering what I ate this week, I am happy with the results. If I can keep the one pound off this week and continue losing a pound each week moving forward, my one-year weight loss will be 52 pounds. Losing big weight is great, but I am happy losing any amount of weight each week.

The picture is me and it was taken on Sunday, November 12.  At the time of the picture, I had lost 6 pounds and weighed in at 297. My wife thought she could see a difference with the loss of 6 pounds, but my clothes still felt just as tight. When I looked at this photo, it was one of those moments that reinforced my need to lose weight.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who in 2004 lost over 90 pounds. I kept the weight off for five years and then the weight started coming back a few pounds each year. This time I am trying to lose 100 pounds, and share what I learned from my first diet as well as what I am learning now. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

Diet plan to lose weight - day 10 - lost 1 pound – total weight loss 11 pounds

Today, November 15, I weighed in at 292. I ate a little more for lunch and diner on Tuesday, and I thought I would probably stay the same or gain a little. I have no idea how I lost the one pound, but I will take it.

Last week I used many of the tools from my first diet fourteen years ago to lose the weight. If you are considering giving the diet a chance, do not try everything all at once. Start with just one or two concepts and give them a try for a week or so. If they work, keep them and if not, maybe it is time to let them go. Continue doing the helpful ones and add another one or two as you feel ready.  Changes are a struggle. We want to keep the changes doable. Keep it easy, and remember less is better. If you go too extreme with anything you will set yourself up for failure because it’s too hard to keep with it.

Here are a few of the changes I have been working on.

My number one most important tool is to learn to work with awareness. I have talked about this for several days, those of you who are reading my past blogs are probably getting tired of hearing about awareness, but it is so important.

Reduce the volume of what you eat. I fix my plate with less than I think I need, after eating I give myself a few minutes before going back. Another tool is to eat in courses. Start with a vegetable or salad and make them big. Plan to give yourself a little time before eating the rest of your meal.  The more you can fill up with veggies, the less you will eat in the main course.  Most of us think we need to eat a lot to feel full, but much of the time we can get by with less and still feel reasonably good.

Give up or reduce two foods that you eat a lot.  Pick ones that you know are not good for you. On my first diet, I gave up soda pop and cheddar cheese. I kept these two foods out of the house for years. Before I started the diet this time I was eating and drinking these two foods way too much.  This time I have not completely eliminated them, but I have severely reduced them. My two new items to eliminate are eating out and drinking homemade iced mochas.

Now when cheddar cheese comes in the house I shred and freeze it right away, sodas only come in the house when company is coming, and last week I made and drank one mocha on Sunday. Before I started dieting, I made a quart of mocha a day. One quart made three mochas, and I enjoy all three each day. I reasoned that they were less than 100 calories so they weren’t as bad as coffee shop ones, but day after day they add up.

Reduce or eliminate sweetened drinks and replace them with simple water.  Don’t go overboard, but work to stay hydrated. I try to drink four 28-ounce containers of water a day.  That equals 14, 8-ounce cups. I have heard that 8, 8-ounce cups are recommended.  I have also heard that we should drink 16, 8-ounce cups or a gallon of water each day.

I try to keep my basic foods to lean protein including beans, lentils, turkey and chicken breasts, pork tenderloins, and ground turkey. I love beef but try to limit it to once a week. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Use them in meals and for snacks. Use extra virgin olive oil. Add a handful of nuts such as almonds or walnuts. Eat what you need, but try to keep it as lean as possible.

If you are older, or out of shape, do not go overboard on exercising. If you have any concerns talk with your doctor. Exercise is great, and it helps with dieting and keeping the body healthy, but it needs to be added slowly. Less is always better. I walk three miles a day and have kept it up for fourteen years. I also do relaxation and breathing exercises. Once I lose a few more pounds I plan on gradually adding more physical exercises.

I believe that when diets and healthy living exercises fail it’s because we try to do too much, and find ourselves unable to fulfill our expectations. Less is better. Most of us want to lose big numbers and lose them quickly, and when it doesn’t work out it is easy to start judging and becoming angry with ourselves. Losing weight is a personal thing and we need to be aware and try to take the seriousness out of dieting. The calmer we can remain, and the more understanding we can be with ourselves, the easier and quicker the weight loss will be. Be consistent, try hard, but do not go overboard. Do not expect the pounds to come off every day. When the results are good, be happy, and when not, be ok with that too. Just know that tomorrow is another day when we can get right back on track.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who in 2004 lost over 90 pounds. I kept the weight off for five years and then the weight started coming back a few pounds each year. This time I am trying to lose 100 pounds, and share what I learned from my first diet as well as what I am learning now. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

Diet plan to lose weight - day 8 and 9 - lost 4 pounds – total weight loss 10 pounds

Monday morning, I weighed in at 295, losing two pounds, and today I lost another 2 pounds, ending up at 293. I am amazed that in a little over one week I have lost 10 pounds. I do not remember losing this much weight in such a short time period, but I am loving it.

I am obese and want to lose 100 pounds. I believe being so big made it easier to lose the ten pounds.  Hopefully, I can keep this up, but I know the weekly weight loss will start slowing down in the weeks to come and then the hard work of losing a pound or two, or figuring out why I gained each week, will begin.

I started this program around three week ago. I used the first two weeks to prepare and figure out what direction I wanted to go. Awareness is the key component of my program. I weighed each day and wrote the weight down. I started my blog on the first day of the third week, and I included the date, day of the week, day number starting at 1, total weight loss along with my weight. I use an 8 ½ “by 11” paper tablet to track these numbers. A note app on a phone or a spreadsheet on a computer works well too. You will want to have a way to look at many days at a time, and compare the progress. If you are continuing to lose over the weeks, life is good. If the weight is going up and down, and each week you are up a pound or two, change needs to happen.

It can be helpful to journal what you eat each day. Another option is to add your sleep patterns, and a quick paragraph on how your day went. Was it stressful or calm, happy or sad?  Did you do any exercises? How was your energy throughout the day? Did you wake up easily or were you not ready to get up? Comparing these with your weight loss or gain can provide additional insight.

Even though I weigh and record the results each day, I wish I had the time to do more. Additional information can be a great help. Each morning, I look over my weight of today, yesterday, and the last few days, and go over in my mind what events happened each day.  This information, along with my eating patterns, helps me figure out how everything affected my weight. If I gain weight I can adjust my eating and lifestyle. If I lose, I can work on keeping everything the same. Each day will be different and we need to figure out how to work with each new day.

My program is not your normal diet program. I don’t supply food, you do not have to add up points for each item you eat and keep the points at a certain number each day. It is not a recipe book instructing you to eat a certain way. It is not a low carb or low-calorie diet. My program is about helping you develop your own plan. It is about learning to live in a way that helps you see what options help you lose weight, without giving up your regular foods or your way of life.  You might have to give up a few items or reduce the portion size of others, but you can keep and enjoy most of the foods you like and still lose weight.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who in 2004 lost over 90 pounds. I kept the weight off for five years and then the weight started coming back a few pounds each year. This time I am trying to lose 100 pounds, and share what I learned from my first diet as well as what I learn now. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

Diet plan to lose weight - day 6 and 7 - gained 1 pound - total weight loss 6 pounds

Friday, we went to the coast. I had halibut fish and chips for lunch.  For an afternoon snack, I enjoyed a small child’s size bowl of ice cream. We stayed late, so we ordered a half a dozen garlic rolls that turned into 8 and a small pitcher of beer for dinner. Not proud of what I ate, but it sure tasted good.  I do not know how, but I stayed at the same weight of 296. My normal day at the coast would have included a waffle cone and a pizza with the garlic rolls and beer. My diet was terrible, but I significantly reduced my normal day at the beach. It is not about being perfect. It is about doing less while still enjoying life.

Saturday, I ate healthier and kept my calories down. Today Sunday, I weighed in at 297. I guess the one-pound increase was from my poor eating on Friday. In the past, my ups and downs could be attributed to the day before. Now it looks like my weight can be affected from several days back.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who in 2004 lost over 90 pounds. I kept the weight off for five years and then the weight started coming back a few pounds each year. This time I am trying to lose 100 pounds, and share what I learned from my first diet as well as what I learn now. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

Diet Plan to lose weight - day 4 and 5 - lost 0 pounds - total weight loss 7 pounds

Thursday morning, I weighed in at 295, losing one pound and today, I gained one pound, going back up to 296. When I weigh daily my weight goes up and down. The daily figures help me understand how my eating and daily struggles affects my weight. I take these daily weights as a guide, the week to week weight totals provide a better idea of how my long-term diet is doing.

On Wednesday, I kept my calories low so I thought I would be ok with my weight.  On Thursday, I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, but dinner was going to cost me. My wife and I were late getting home and we stopped for a sandwich. I was only going to eat a sandwich with water, but they had a deal and we could get a sandwich, chips, and drink for a lower price. It is hard to pay more and get less so we went with the deal. We were going to split the chips and I surprised myself and did not eat any of them. The soda was a different animal, and I drank it. If I had stayed with just a sandwich and water, I probably would not have gained the one pound, but I did stay away from the chips.

Today is Veterans day, and we are going to take a day trip to the coast. We have a seafood place that has great food but the calories are going to get me. Hope the scales are nice to me tomorrow, but I will probably gain again. I am seven pounds down this first week so far. If I do gain a couple of pounds, I will still be thrilled at a five-pound loss.

I am taking a risk at eating out for two days in a row, but sometimes living does not work out for perfect dieting. It is important to let go once in a while and give yourself a treat. I should not be doing this so early on in my diet, but the main thing is I am aware and I can get right back on the program tomorrow. Learning to be aware and see the various choices is the main key to my diet. We are all different, we like different foods, our bodies react to those foods differently, so we need to customize a program that works for each of us. If we weigh daily we can learn how different foods, stresses, and everyday living affect our weight. If we can see more clearly, we can make better choices. This gives us a much better chance of losing and keeping the weight off, while still enjoying the foods we love.

It is my hope these blog posts will be helpful, but they are only from my point of view and not professional advice.  I am just a common guy who is trying to lose weight and become healthy again.  Always consult a doctor before beginning any new program.

Diet - day 3 - I lost four pounds

I am down to 296 pounds. This was totally unexpected. I was hoping for one pound maybe two pounds, but I never expected four. I have gained four pounds in a day, but never lost four.  These big gains came from eating out at a Chinese restaurant and a casino buffet. The foods where so good I just could not find the strength to stop, but I was miserable afterward. Both times I said I would never do it again.

With the three-pound loss on day two, I decided to eat similar foods, for breakfast and lunch. For diner we had taco Tuesday and I ate three tacos. Our tacos are made with 99 percent fat free ground turkey, salsa, regular cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. I use an organic yellow hard taco shell. The shells contain 120 calories for two. So, three taco shells are 180 calories, which is less than I had thought. I tried to keep the cheese to a minimum, but it was probably higher in fat and calories than I would like. With this diner, I do not know how I lost 4 pounds. I also stretched, walked and meditated, and drank my nightly fiber.

One item I did not talk about yesterday is I drink 99 percent of my liquid from water. It has always been hard for me to drink water, but I try to drink as much as I can. I have a 28-ounce insulated cup and try to drink four or more of them each day.

I have not talked about this, but I did two weeks of dieting before my first post on November 6th. I do not like taking notes electronically, so I kept it simple and used a pad of paper and just wrote the date and my weight for each day, beginning on October 24th. I did not keep a food and activity journal during these two weeks. On the first day I weighed 303 pounds, the next day I did not lose. The third day I lost two pounds, and 2 pounds on the fourth day. On October 29, five days later, I was down to 298. At this point I thought I was doing good, so I took advantage of my five-pound loss and ate a little more than I should have and bounced up to 300. For the next several days, I was 299 one day, 300 the next, and then back down to 299. Before I knew it, I had bounced up to 301 and finally ended up at 303, where I began posting on November 6th.

It is embarrassing to admit this. I was on my way to losing weight and eating healthier, and then I let my overeating win. Two weeks later, I was right back where I started. It was a good lesson though. It provided me with great information. The first week, I eliminated or reduced several food items. I love iced mochas and for a number of years, I drank three of them each day. I make my own. I use a French press and make strong coffee, add unsweetened cocoa, honey and a little nonfat milk. I absolutely love them. Each one is around 100 calories, so three add up to three hundred calories a day. I gave these up and went back to black coffee. I also have gotten into the habit of eating fast food breakfast sandwiches and a soda pop a few times a week. I eliminated those too. I also cut back on my portions.

I thought five pounds on my first week was great success. As the numbers showed, I let up on the plan after the first week, and my body took advantage and bounced my weight right back up. I had hoped that I could make small changes, cheat a little bit and the weight would just come off.  Doesn’t look like such a good plan. Now I am back to following my plan and will try to be more consistent in what I eat.

After I gained back the weight I remembered how my body reacted on my first diet those many years ago. If I was at a plateau, like I am now at 303, my body tried to bounce me back up to the 303. If you lose several pounds and then back off, your body will try to get back up to the weight you had been for a while. Starting a diet and continuing to lose is extremely tough in the beginning. If you give in, even a little, the weight will pile right back on. On the other hand, this has benefits too. If you have lost a significant amount of weight and have stayed at that lower weight for some time, and you eat a little too much your body will try to get you back down to the lower weight.  You cannot go crazy, but dieting can become easier.

Awareness is a big part of my plan. The more you can learn about yourself, the better chances of success. I wish it was easier.

Diet - day 2. Wow, I lost three pounds.

I am down to 300 pounds. One more pound and I will no longer be in the 300 plus range. Hopefully this will be the last time I see 300 on my scales.

I did cut back on my calories yesterday, and surprisingly felt reasonable comfortable. I tried to keep the major portion of my diet to lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. For breakfast I had fresh vegetable juice, vitamins, banana, and around 4 ounces of Kefir. Lunch was a BBQ pork sandwich and a cup of zucchini. I was struggling before diner, so I had a handful of almonds for a snack and diner was BBQ chicken breast with a cup of vegetables and a glass of wine. An hour or so later I had a fruit smoothie made with frozen fruit, apple and orange juice. Before bed I drank a teaspoon of psyllium fiber with water. I also did some stretching exercises, took my regular 3-mile walk, and meditated.

We just purchased an air fryer that requires very little oil. I have found that it makes great vegetable dishes. Today for lunch I chopped up a zucchini squash with 1 teaspoon olive oil, salt, and pepper and it turned out really good. At diner, I tried small green beans and they came out a little crunchy. Still tasted good, but they were definitely over cooked.  It is going to take some trial and error, but this appliance is going to be right up there with my old and trusted Omega 2003 slow juicer. The juicer has been with me since I started my first diet fourteen years ago. I hate to admit it but I have reduced my juicing to three or four days a week. I am going to try to get back to 6 or 7 days a week. Juicing is a pain and it takes as much time as cooking a meal, but I feel it is well worth the effort. Lately I have just been too lazy to do it every day.

There are many causes for my weight gain. One of the big reasons is that I felt so good, year after year, I just did not worry about it. I kept my weight off the first five years and then the next nine years I gained less than a pound a month. Unfortunately, year after year of a pound here and there finally caught up with me.

This time I am going to keep it up and be more active in monitoring gains and losses. The first time, I used a scale most days. I was learning what worked and what didn’t, and working with a scale helped me understand how my weight was affected by what I put into my body. I stopped using a scale after a several years on my first diet and now I think the lack of awareness allowed the weight to come back.

My diet is totally customizable. It is not my way or the highway. It is about learning what works and what doesn’t. What foods and exercises help and what are a waste of time. We are all different. We enjoy the foods that we have grown up with and it is important to learn to work around our preferences. There are no hard and fast rules. Try my ideas and if they work for you, use them, if not let them go.

Awareness is my most important tool that I use to lose weight and stay healthy. If you want to give my diet a try, take a week or two and learn a little more about what you eat and how it affects your weight, energy, and well-being. If you have a set of scales, weigh each day and try to figure out what foods worked and what didn’t. If you gained, try to figure out what caused it and if you lost, the same goes true. Do you feel better one day and poorly the next?  Are you happy one day and struggle the next without any reason for the change. You can do this with just a scale and going back through the days and remembering what you ate and what happened, or you can keep a diary of each day. If you keep a record of your weight each day, the foods you ate, and the ups and downs of a week or two this can be a great way to start. Don’t worry about losing weight in these weeks. Just learn what is good for you and what you should eliminate or cut back on.

Each of us are similar, but our bodies can be very different. I am lucky in that what I eat today will affect my weight tomorrow. My wife is much more sophisticated. She can eat something high in calories and it might take her several days to see the weight gain. We are all different and we have to learn how our bodies work. If we can see the problems, it is much easier to fix them.

How much can I lose in one year?

It is my hope to lose over 100 pounds. I will try to frequently share my successes and difficulties over the next year.

Back in 2003, I had allowed myself to become extremely overweight.  I ate poorly, exercised little, and allowed stress to rule my life. My weight at that time was 315 pounds. I knew I had to lose weight, but I knew that the diets available were not going to work for me. I decided to take my time and figure out an eating plan that would work for me. I had great results and lost 95 pounds.

Here it is November of 2017 and my weight is getting back to where it was fourteen years ago. I am now at 303 pounds and I just cannot believe I allowed this to happen. For the first five years after losing, back in 2003, I stayed close to the 220 pounds. As the years went by I started to add a little bit here and there. I gained back 83 pounds in the last nine years. If you look at my weight gain in months, I added less than one pound a month or around 9 pounds a year.

When I lost the weight the first time, I had changed much about my life. I started walking and could comfortably walk six to ten miles, and be ready to walk again the next day. I tried to walk at least 3 miles each day and I have continued doing that. I developed a fresh vegetable juicing program that I still do today. I have also kept up with breathing exercises and meditation. I have, unfortunately, not been very good at continuing with my cardio and strength training exercises, nor my eating a healthy diet.

My biggest failure has been that I love food and I eat too much.  Luckily, I have stayed with most of my program and I still feel good.  I don’t have the energy I did when I was thin and I do struggle going up steep hills, but it is still easy for me to do my daily 3-mile walks.

My program is doable and if anyone would like to try it with me, that would be great. I will share more of it as the days go by. The program is designed with awareness in mind.